Saturday, June 7, 2014

Public Talk and WhatsApp founder Numb

Brian Acton, one of the founders of WhatsApp, appeared on the show startx. Acton among others convey experiences and advice about setting up and managing corporate digital stub.

Startx is a non-profit program for accelerated startup in Silicon Valley. The program is affiliated with Stanford University, where Acton is one of the graduate Computer Science there.

Acton said, after he had an internship at Stanford in Apple. Then, which has been widely disclosed are times when he worked at Yahoo. There Acton met and became friends with Jan Koum.

Holiday ( Read: cara pengecoran aluminium )

Well, after Yahoo, what Acton? Acton said, he was off for two years.

He recommends it for those who want to transition from employee to entrepreneur. Obviously, Acton said, it does not need time off during which he did. "For most people, it may take 2-3 months for a holiday. Before you start again with a flurry (setting up their own business)," he said.

Surely he would recommend it to those who are relatively young. When that Acton was not married, so it is relatively easy to "leave". "For the young, use the opportunity. Having older, it gets more difficult," he said.

After the holidays, he proposed (and rejected) by Twitter and Facebook. Events that later became one of the interesting anecdotes when WhatsApp was bought by Facebook.

"I'm not bitter about (rejection) it. Moment I thought that I did not fit the available positions and takes on Facebook," he said.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WordPress Founder Story : Between Jazz and Barbeque

When someone asks me about the best system to manage content on the internet , maybe some people will answer : WordPress . Open source platform was made eleven years ago by Matt Mullenweg , a man in his life very fond of jazz music and barbeque .

Since childhood Mullenweg has been led by both parents for the love of music , especially those family favorite instrument : the saxophone . Currently attending high school , he went to the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and continued to pursue jazz and saxophone .( Read: pengecoran aluminium )

Mullenweg claimed to have spent a lot of time to jazz , and jazz is never forgotten in every morning . In addition to working in the technology industry , he is also a musician .

" Until now this is my favorite musician Dexter Gordon . Saxophonist him . I am very, very fond of , " he said when met KompasTekno in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 03/06/2014 ) .

Matt on jazz craze also supplied to WordPress . Each major version of WordPress has always given the code name of a famous jazz musician . It started since WordPress 1.0 ( Miles Davis ) and continues until version 3.9 ( Jimmy Smith ) , launched April 2014 . Name of his favorite musicians , Dexter Gordon , placed in WordPress version 2.3 .

In addition to jazz , Mullenweg also claimed to like the genre of rap music and hip - hop .

Barbeque Chief Taste Tester

Matt was born in a family that is no stranger to the world of computers . His father was a computer technician . His mother is a housewife . They live in Texas , a state in the United States with a distinctive culinary tradition barbeque .

" I'm from Texas , and I really like barbecue, " said the man born in this January 11, 1984 .

A barbeque is also carried on in the office at Automattic , the company that developed the WordPress platform . Mullenweg is the founder and chief executive officer of Automattic , but he preferred to write his post as Chief Barbeque Taste Tester ( CBTT ) .

Title " funny " was not only intended to Mullenweg course , all employees are given positions with funny names , like happiness engineer for customer support positions , while the positions of the programmers dubbed code wrangler . JavaScript wrangler , quantum bug creator , codespanker , and so on .

Since its founding in 2003 , WordPress is growing fast and generating profits , and their vision remains the same ; democratizing the Internet web site . Now they are trying to expand the business , hire new employees , to strengthen the infrastructure .

The success of WordPress as a content manager machine Internet ( content management system / CMS ) is also supported by a strong ecosystem and support from the open source community of technology advocates . There are many parties who provide themes , plug - ins, hosting , customization solutions specific to WordPress .

Quickly WordPress CMS is believed to be the engine by a number of prominent websites , including CNN Political Ticker , Mashable , TechCrunch , Boing Boing , ArtsBeat , Grist , Hollywood Life , and others .

Of the many web sites in the world , predicted to be around 22 percent of them , or 75 million website using the WordPress platform .

Looking for Indonesian People

Until mid-2013 , Automattic employs approximately 185 employees worldwide . Most of them work remotely ( remote ) , as long as it is connected with an internet connection to communicate with each other .

Mullenweg said he also intends to recruit employees in Indonesia as an engineer happiness . This was deemed necessary because Indonesian is ranked as the third most widely used language on the platform after English and Spanish .

There are about 1.7 million sites with WordPress using Indonesian . Mullenweg predict those sites getting 200 million page views per month .(Read: harga lampu emergency led surya )

Automattic just get a Series C investment of 160 million U.S. dollars, or around Rp 1.89 trillion from a number of investors , among others, Deven Parekh of Insight Venture Partners , Chris Sacca of Endurance Capital and Tiger Global and Iconiq Capital . This makes the value of the investment company Automattic be 13.64 billion U.S. dollars, or around Rp 13.64 trillion .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wishing Blessing Wall Street, JCI Tried Risen

Composite Stock Price Index is projected to move varied with the potential increase on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) . Positive global stock motion be encouraging market participants and investors to buy stocks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange .

Wall Street closed higher on Tuesday ( 5/27/2014 ) with The Dow rose 69.23 points, or 0.42 percent , the S & P 500 rose 11.38 points, or 0.60 percent, once again touched record highs and the Nasdaq up 1.22 percent .
( Read: murai batu birahi )

Strengthening the index is supported by good economic data and sentiment reported action mergers and acquisitions are starting to bloom . The data on durable goods orders unexpectedly rose 0.8 percent compared with an estimated 0.7 percent lower , consumer confidence also rose in May as expected .

Hillshire Brands shares rose 20 percent after the company offered to purchase Pilgrim's Pride valued at 5.6 billion dollars . Financial and technology stocks leading the index .

European stocks also closed positive , who won the election results Ukraine Petro Poroshenko presidential candidate received a positive market . Investors also expect a rate cut by the European Central Bank in the near future . FTSE index rose 0.43 percent , 0.06 percent and the CAC DAX rose 0.49 percent .

Indonesia Stock Universe today , according to research Indovest positive move is expected to be supported by rising Wall Street . EIDO own index fell 0.18 percent . Stocks to watch out today include DOID , TLKM , CNKO , BORN , ASRI .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Workshop Las-Cat Duco Use Friendship Road Agency

Word of welding workshop and paint duco on the edge of Friendship Road East . Rawamangun , Pulogadung Sub-district , East Jakarta , mushrooming . This condition other than making a chaotic region , is also disturbing residents across the region .

Monitoring City News , Saturday ( 17/5 ) . word of the seller welding services and duco paint on Friendship Road East reached the road . It should be used for the park area was now a car repair business premises .

The workers seemed lined along Friendship Road East body right. They simply use the compressor in each stall . Some chairs are provided to sit while waiting for the owner of the vehicle repair process .

Agency wide roads they use about two to three meters . Supposedly , the road is a park .
( Read: sangkar pleci lomba )

Mardi ( 33 ) . one word of worker welding and paint duco admitted that he has 17 years of work in the region .

Her work is apparently already hereditary , inherited from his father who was also a welder duco paint . " Open the welding business of word and paint duco here all this time safe , nobody forbids , " said Mardi , told City News .

The distance is close

Not just in the Friendship Road East , Pulogadung , along Jalan Kramat Raya , Senen , Central Jakarta , also crowded knock the welding shop and paint duco .

If the driver crosses the road , will surely see the boards on display at the curb marked " Received Cat Duco Las Ketok " and there are workers who can waved customers .

Observations City News , Friday ( 16/5 ) , along the road lined tens express the painter . The distance between the artisan of word and paint duco which is close enough to each other , just a few feet away .

Workers weld and paint duco word of the Faculty of Medicine, University of lined ranging Indonesia ( Faculty of medicine ) , up towards Kwitang .

Most of the workers there were sitting on plastic chairs , some are screaming and trying menstop every car that runs slow . They hope the car driver Butch prospective customers that the vehicle body paint services . " Duco paint and welding ketoknya Pak , secured neat , " shouted one of the car body painter .

Although sometimes difficult to get customers , they call the driver looks remains persistent four-wheeled vehicles that crossed the road .

shaded community

Mardi ( 33 ) , one word of worker welding and paint duco on Friendship Road East , East Jakarta , claimed shaded a welding business association called the Society of the Joint Las Ketok and Duco Paint ( PBLKCD ) debfab members about 40 people .

According Mardi , whole word of business licensing and welding have . Done and until now party -
it can still work .

" Last December , still had the clerk of the city Parks Department would fence in this location . Fact where I 've placed backfill soil . , But do not know , why now not so , " said the father of this child .

In fact , a few years ago , once the compressor in lapaknya , when law enforcement officers transported . He hopes his business was closed . The reason , is a loss for another job .

" Here also it did not interfere with the flow of vehicles . Us on edge . Closed rust If you like eating nyari how again , " said the graduate of this school . ( suf )

often disciplined

Regarding the existence of word and businesses welding shop duko paint on Friendship Road East , Village Rawamangun , Pulogadung sub-district , the East Jakarta Sub-dept claimed to have done some demolition .

However , though it was frequently raided , but the workers are welding and paint duco is back in operation . In fact , local residents actually support the re- convening of the shanties in the palm .

" Two years ago we also never Fence , but they were back in operation . They do not support the government program , " said Head of East Jakarta , Suzi Marsitawati when contacted City News . Saturday ( 17/5 ) .

Nevertheless, Suzi said , he would not sign rnenyerah quickly raised his hand . Instead Suzi will continue to instruct his men to continue to right the situation at that location . In fact , Suzi has been coordinated with the East Jakarta Mayor about it .

" We will do more socialization to residents , to concern for the environment . Fact that they had violated the rules by abusing the park . Fact , if the flood they always blame the Government . Fact , they are abusing the catchment area , " he said .

The plan , this year , Friendship Road East region will be disciplined out of existence entrepreneurs word- weld and paint duko . Friendship is not only in the East alone . Several other locations which is an area of ​​green belt is misused ladi East Jakarta , will be disciplined .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Police: Still No 55 Emon Not Reporting Child Victims

Sukabumi City Police Chief , Chief Hari Santoso suspect there are still U.S. 55 victims of sexual violence are not reported aka Emon .

" From the results of matching the child's name written in her diary Emon with the child's name plus a description of the suspect reported there are 65 names that match , so the rest is still there 55 children who allegedly have not been reported to us , " said Day , Friday ( 23/5 ) .

According to him , there are 120 names of children listed in the diary Emon , but reporting to date has reached 108 people . But of the 108 names of the children who reported only 65 children names that match what Emon written in the diary , and therefore it appealed to parents who suspect their children fall victim to immediately report Emon .
( Read: ternak kroto )

Furthermore , to find the name of the child who had not reported it was difficult because there is only in name but no address , other than that of the suspect description was Emon does not know the full address and already forgotten . Therefore , it was decided not to develop this case , however, if there are people that report it would continue to process it and hope all the victims can report suspected pedophiles .

" For the moment the investigation case file Emon phase I has been delegated to the State Attorney Sukabumi and information prosecutors have started to learn our investigative files and the case is expected to be immediately brought to trial , " he added .

Day said it also snare suspects with the coated article Article 82 of Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection in conjunction with Article 64 of the Code of Criminal of repeated acts punishable by imprisonment up to 15 years in prison . In fact , it was also agreed Emon more heavily punished , if the judge gives a heavier sentence than the threat of punishment dijeratkan to Emon .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Soekarwo-Syaifullah Requested So Timses Prabowo-Hatta

Gerindra asked a number of figures in the region to enter the carriage successful winning team mate Prabowo presidential candidate and vice presidential candidates Hatta Rajasa on the Presidential Election 2014.

Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon said , for the region of East Java , it will ask the East Java Governor Syaifullah Yusuf and his deputy to lead the winning team Prabowo - Hatta . Soekarwo or Pakde Karwo are Democrats and Syaifullah Yusuf or Gus Ipul is Nahdliyin figures .

" We will ask Pakde Karwo and Syaifullah Yusuf to be a leader of the campaign team in the East Java region , " said Fadli Zon Gerindra DPP Office , Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .
( read: kenari ngurak )

For other areas , while the shaft Gerindra will utilize the regional head of the party or coalition of local community leaders . For example , West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan which is the MCC cadres would lead the winning team in the West Java region .

" Of course we will invite leaders who have the power in the area , " he said .

Mate Prabowo - Hatta carried by the shaft Gerindra with PKS , PAN , PPP , PBB , and the Golkar Party . They will face a pair Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla - supported four political parties , the PDI-P , PKB , Nasdem Party , and Hanura .

Democrats currently choose not involved in the election or neutral after failing to form a new shaft to carry the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention participants .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Malware 'BlackShades' Jangkiti Computers in 100 Countries

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) reports that more than half a million computers in more than 100 countries have been plagued by malware or sophisticated software .

It enables cyber criminals ( cyber - criminals ) take over the computer .

Outlines the FBI investigation opened in a criminal lawsuit in Manhattan federal court on Monday ( 19/5 ) yesterday , as announced a lawsuit against the five men .
( Read: burung pentet )

Meanwhile police around the world say they recently have arrested 97 people in 16 countries are suspected of using or distributing malicious software called " BlackShades " .

The FBI said at least seven thousand " Blackshades Remote Access Tool " has been sold since 2010 .

FBI adds one program makers are now cooperating with the government and provide extensive information about the program .

" BlackShades " allow hackers to steal personal information , intercept and hijack an important message on a computer camera or webcam to secretly use their behalf .

( Read: burung pentet mp3 download )

Sunday, May 18, 2014

JCI Closed Session I Still Survive in the Green Zone

The Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) at the close of the first trading session today, Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) gained limited , after the opening of trade rose to the strongest level in the first half today.

At 12.00 , JCI parking at 5033.98 levels , up by 2.41 points ( 0.04 percent ) . Index remained at strengthening zone , although regional markets fluctuate , and tends to weaken . This is because investors wait for economic data of China and Japan .

Declaration -vice presidential candidate during the day also gives a positive sentiment for investors , although most Asia Pacific markets flushed .
( Read: X )

Stocks that give a positive turnover for shareholders is TLKM ( USD 2,575 ) , BBRI ( USD 10 875 ) , ADRO ( USD 1,260 ) , INCO ( USD 3,895 ) and PTBA ( Rp 11,000 ) . Meanwhile , stocks that give a negative turnover is SMGR ( Rp 15,850 ) , BBTN ( USD 1,135 ) , UNVR ( Rp 30,600 ) , PTPP ( USD 1,920 ) and BMTR (USD 2,240 ) .

Stock sector that posted a gain was mining ( 0.86 percent ) , property ( 0.08 percent ) , infrastructure ( 0.77 percent ) and finance ( 0.46 percent ) .

Meanwhile, the sector shares are listed agribusiness attenuation ( -0.54 percent ) , basic industry ( -0.42 percent ) , miscellaneous industry ( -0.05 percent ) , consumer ( -0.27 percent ) , trade ( - 0.83 percent ) and manufktur ( -0.25 percent ) .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cars from Malaysia was Pun Undo Given to Raffi

Sumarti did not think , he could not meet his nephew , Rafi ( 3 ) . He had also not bring toys from Malaysia who have already bought him for Rafi .

" I was given out over the phone that will be picked up at the same Surabaya children . Then I prepare a souvenir toy for them , including for Rafi , " the story Sumarti to Solar Online , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Besides Rafi , three children who join the group , Abdurahman ( 15 ) , Job ( 10 ) , and Nafisa ( 8 ) , also get a souvenir . Rafi as his nephew who had bought the smallest cars with remote control . Hence also , the return Sumarti as IT who have worked three years in Malaysia is really anticipated .
( Read: kacer poci )

" Last night , Rafi aunt told you to buy a car , I too , can Nafisa dolls , and clothes can Abdurahman Kak , " the story of Job , a cousin of the late Rafi .

However , Rafi could not accept the gift . He was killed by a police car Alphard black numbered S 1771 NG wandering into the lobby Juanda International Airport Terminal 2 on Tuesday morning ( Read : " wandering " to lobby Juanda Airport , Alphard Hit Childhood to Death ) . At that time , Rafi along with his father and mother , grandmother , and sister and cousins ​​are waiting Sumarti are reportedly already landed at Juanda .

Rafi family entourage was hit in the middle of a huddle at one pole building . Rafi was dragged , then died with severe head injuries . Meanwhile , his mother , Mina , suffered injuries in the leg .

The car also injured Taufik , Sunimah ( grandmother Rafi ) , and Suhani ( brother Rafi ) . The driver Alphard , AW , admitted to police that he was sleepy after taking the drug .


Friday, May 2, 2014

This is the U.S. Animal Expert Observations about KBS

World-class wildlife experts from the United States has conducted research at the Surabaya Zoo (KBS), East Java (East Java), Friday (2/5).

Wildlife experts from the United States (U.S.), amounting to three people that meet the mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rsimaharini, to report the results of his research.
( Read: ciblek sawah )

The purpose of their arrival to report the preliminary results of their three-day observation at KBS. The three of them met directly by the mayor.

An important point the observation of wildlife experts from the country of Uncle Sam was the need for the restoration of the cage and the addition of food for animals.

In response, Risma said that could be done first is to add a kind of food like animals.

While the restoration of the cage, according Risma, still constrained by the rules of the center.

"Because conservation permit still has not gone down, so we can not do anything about it,'' he said. '' However, for additional types of food for animals can be done first.''


Today , Labour Padati 10 Thousand Streets of Jakarta

Thousands of workers from the Confederation of All Indonesian Workers Union ( KSPSI ) took to the streets of Jakarta , Friday, May 2, 2014 . This action was done in commemoration of the International Labour Day or May Day .

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police , Commissioner Rikwanto , say , will be doing a mass action march from Hotel Indonesia traffic circle to the State Palace .
( Read:daftar harga burung berkicau )

" The number reached 10 thousand workers who will act today . We also set up security , " said Rikwanto . Just like other mass actions , further Rikwanto , they are only given time to voice their aspirations until 17:00 pm .
Police officers have prepared several alternative pathways if later on the main street was filled mass action .
Separately, President of the Confederation of All Indonesian Workers Union ( KSPSI ) Andi Gani Nena Wea said , in addition there are two areas in Jakarta who take action today namely Banten and West Java .
There are eight demands will be delivered on May Day action this year . Read more here .

Yesterday , the workers also thronged the streets of the capital. Known to exist tens of thousands of people who participated aspirations in front of the State . Their demands are eliminating or outsourcing outsourcing policy , raise the minimum wage by 30 percent in 2015 .

Then , unplug the Act is replaced by the organizations and associations bill , pass the bill and the revised Law on the Protection of domestic workers migrant No. 39/2004 , lifting employee and part time teachers as civil servants .

They also requested the provision of public transport and residential homes for the workers , and so forth . ( art )


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today's sighting Partial Solar Eclipse

Sightings partial solar eclipse will take place on 29 April 2014 . Sciencealert reported on Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) , the partial solar eclipse in Australia appear at 4 pm local time .

The partial solar eclipse partial solar display form , which is covered by the Moon . This phenomenon occurs when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth .

Astronomer Tanya Hill from the Melbourne Planetarium revealed on the ABC Science website , though you prepare yourself to witness the eclipse , but you probably will not see much change in daylight conditions .
( Read: cara membuat email di yahoo )

" It really did not seem up to the final moment of a total solar eclipse ( when the sun is covered ) , this eclipse made ​​the sky became dark conditions , " said Hill .

The eclipse will be visible across Australia . The best sightings can be seen in southern Australia . At the peak of this moment , two-thirds of the sun will be covered by the Moon , particularly in Hobart , Australia .

Reportedly , this partial solar eclipse solar eclipse could bring a ring ( annular ) . Hill further said , the most appropriate area to see the solar eclipse ring is in the Antarctic region .

In the annular eclipse phenomenon is , approximately 99 percent of the sun will be covered by the Moon , creating the appearance resembles a ring . To watch a solar eclipse , it is recommended to use a pinhole camera ( pinhole camera ) or filters are available in observatory and science center .


Israeli Bulldozers Destroy Mosque in West Bank

Israeli bulldozers destroyed a mosque and three houses in the city of Nablus , West Bank , on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

" This morning , eighteen military jeeps and two bulldozers stormed the Israeli settlements in Kherbt Al Taweel , Nablus .

They claimed this area as a closed military zone , " said one of the officials of the Palestinian Authority , Ghassan Daghlas , the Anadolu Agency .
( Read: burung masteran yang bagus )

Chairman of the Village Council Kherbt Al Taweel , Jawdat Bani Jabr said Israeli bulldozers have destroyed three Palestinian homes and the only mosque that area .

Zinois officials argued that demolished all the buildings do not have permission .

" Israel has long sought to control this village because of its strategic location , overlooking the Jordan Valley , " said Jawdat as quoted by the World Bulletin , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Israel has built nearly 21 Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley which they consider to be the economic and security buffer zone .

Zionist government wants to keep the area under their control in a future peace deal with the Palestinians .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pedophiles Around Us

Disclosure of pedophilia cases , mid- April, at the Jakarta International School , South Jakarta , showed lengahnya protection for the nation . Although pedophilia is not new , and often occurs in Indonesia , the country always forget to clean . Consequently , pedophiles continues to take its toll .

The prevalence of pedophilia impaired people in Europe and the United States reached 1-3 percent of the entire population , " said the Head of Clinical Psychology Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University of Atma Jaya Dinastuti Indonesia , in Jakarta , Friday ( 25/4 ) . Assuming the same prevalence and population of 250 million , there are 2.5-7.5 million pedophiles in Indonesia .
( Read: burung parkit )

American Psychiatric Association ( APA , 2000) defines pedophilia as a sexual interest that is settled , strong , and repeated the pre- pubertal children , aged less than 13 years . Intense interest came in the form of at least six months of the mind , fantasy , impulse , passion , or sexual activity .

If interest was not channeled , they will be stressed , depressed , and experiencing interpersonal difficulties that make it difficult to socialize and control emotions .

Consultant Psychiatrist at Dr Soetomo Hospital - Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University Nalini Muhdi added , pedophiles at least 16 years old and the age difference with the victim at least 5 years .

Characteristic of pedophiles is if the victim is forced or not able to make decisions due to immature age . " Adolescents who engage in sexual activity on the basis of mutual love is not called pedophilia , " he said .

Child sexual targeted as a pedophile would be anxious , fearful , less confident , and not comfortable interacting or sexual activity with adults . Children were selected because they are usually weak , helpless , submissive , and easily persuaded or threatened .

Disorders pedophilia began to be detected when a person teenager . However , its manifestations can arise when they are adults , even the elderly . Depending on the trigger factor .

Although attracted to children , the majority of pedophiles are also sexually attracted to adults ( pedophiles non - exclusive ) . Most pedophiles are men , but women can also be pedophiles . Behavioral manifestations of diverse female pedophiles , pedophiles can be in the form of helping men to persecute sexual assault victim to get sexual satisfaction .

Luh Ketut Suryani and Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana in Pedophiles Destroyer Future of Children (2009 ) calls pedophiles target range from children who mature physically ( teleiofilia ) , children younger than 5 years ( infantofilia ) , or children in early puberty ( hebofilia / hebefilia ) .


Pedophilia can be triggered by many things . Childhood , sexual attraction can arise and manifest while playing . That is normal . However , if the child lived as meaningful and repeatable experience to adolescence , the disorder of pedophilia could arise because the child can not move his interest to adults .

" Parents and caregivers play a major role directing and explains that the game was not excessive and is not repeated , " said Dinastuti .

Perpetrators of sexual violence against children , including pedophiles , tend to have experienced sexual abuse during childhood . However , the trend did not apply all . Not causal .

Experience sexual violence in childhood that can occur when adults or the elderly to seek the child to perform sexual activity . The trigger , write Syriac and Lesmana , could be due to the suffering or humiliation of a spouse or a failure to exercise their functions in society , work , or family .

Pedophilia can also be triggered by abnormalities in the brain that appear neurodevelopmental disorders and brain mechanisms . Brain abnormalities can be caused by brain disorders in children from the womb , head injury , or brain tumors . However , the disorder can not always be checked .

Dinastuti said pedophiles typically cautious in the move . Therefore , universal , child sexual urge is forbidden and taboo . Internet so effective tool to search for information , pictures , or videos of potential victims.

Once a target is acquired , they patiently establish relations of friendship , lots of praise , and reward . Once the confidence of victims to perpetrators woke up , the child will be asked to perpetrators of sexual activity in stages , ranging from touching , undressing , until the actual sexual activity , such as oral sex , anal , or vaginal .

Perpetrators commonly seek potential victims in the home environment where the child or move because of the ease to search for victims and lack of supervision . They could no start at home , school , street , until the religious community .

According to Nalini , pedophiles is a psychiatric term , not the law . Pedophiles can not be punished if they do not harm others . Therefore , pedophiles should be treated so that the disorder can be treated and restored . Thus , when the sexual urge arises , can be controlled or channeled in a positive way that does not harm others .

To ensure someone is having pedophilia , said Dinastuti , they need to undergo a comprehensive psychological examination first . Could not immediately be accused pedophiles .

If it is confirmed pedophiles , added Nalini , the cause should be ascertained first . Trigger biological factors , such as neurological disorders , hormonal , or chromosomes , must be completed. " When there is no biological factors , new psychotherapy , " he said .

The success of the therapy prescribed many things . The younger pedophiles when treated , the higher the success rate . Experiences of sexual violence in childhood would complicate therapy . The motivation for the change is also important pedophiles .

" Social support of parents and the environment plays a major role , " he said . Therefore , parents need not be embarrassed to report perpetrators of sexual violence over children . Courage that can facilitate treatment and break the chain of child sexual abuse to the child .

The state also needs more care , can not continue to ignore the sexual abuse of children as the heinous crimes against humanity and ruin the child's future . Countries should not blame the victim , but rather facilitates the victims and their families not to report violence experienced shame and give them treatment .


Friday, April 25, 2014

Revolving Android Update Coming KitKat

Revolving Android Update Coming KitKat
In the next few days , Google is rumored to be releasing an update to Android KitKat . What are the changes in it ?

Operating system called Android 4.4.3 will be available for the first ' golden boy ' Google : Nexus 4 , Nexus 5 , Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 . Fact previously been seen stretcher updates installed on the Sprint version of the Nexus 5 .
( Read: cara membuat blog di blogger )

Special mobile phone market of the United States it is seen that the change in Android 4.4.3 focuses on data and communication services . As reported detikINET from IBTimes , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) .

Even so , Google has not officially announced the existence of the update , as well as updates about what is contained in it .

But based on rumors, Android 4.4.3 will fix a bug in a data connection , the level of focus better camera , notification LED enhanced , and several other improvements .

Overall what is in the update is not a big change , because Android 4.4.3 is focused on improving the stability and performance .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Still this JIS reason Kindergarten Operates

Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate General of Early Childhood Education , Non-formal and Informal ( DG PAUDNI ) has sent a letter of closure kindergarten JIS . DG PAUDNI Kemendikbud Lydia Freyani Hawadi sure the letter has been received by the JIS today .

"There is a delay in awarding the letter because the letter , not you, not haphazardly . Yesterday we still weighing editorial , confirmed by the Minister , the directorate general law firm , " said Lydia , on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

" The point is just a technical problem , but today it had received the JIS . Incidentally he came into office , but we do not call him . Then we gave the letter , " said Lydia added .

Lydia was responding about schools that are still running the teaching -learning process . According to him , it was allowed because of the closure of the school in question is not the permissibility made ​​new admissions school year 2014/2015 , as well as transfer student admission .

" It allowed students finish school this school year . Closing it , we 'll see in July , whether he accepts new students or not because he has not been allowed , " he said .
( Read: pleci jantan )

Previously reported , kindergarten Jakarta International School ( JIS ) is still operating as usual after the official closing by Kemendikbud , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) . Nothing different from the teaching -learning activities in schools located in Jalan Raya Terogong , Cilandak , South Jakarta , was . The disciples still get in on school hours 07.00 am .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Think of Support to the PPP Waketum Prabowo For Personal Attitudes SDA

Vice Chairman of the United Development Party (PPP), Emron Pangkapi, assessing support delivered chairman Suryadharma Ali (SDA) to unofficial Prabowo. "It's illegal," he said, Saturday (19/4).

According to him, the PPP is not private firms, but rather a tool of struggle of the people.

Therefore, the declaration of support to Prabowo just be a personal attitude SDA.

Clearly, the DPP has not determined a coalition with any party.

Because, he said, the decision to go through mekanismme Mukernas party that will be done after the announcement of results by the Election Commission pileg later. "Hopefully this is not a political farce," said Emron.

Yesterday, the SDA has expressed attitude to support pencapresan Prabowo in the upcoming presidential election.

On that occasion, he also affirmed the dismissal of some cadres related manner.
( Read: penangkaran anis merah )

Namely, the dismissal of the deputy chairperson and four Monoarfa Monoarfa DPW chairman. He also then took off from the position of general secretary M Romahurmuziy.


` FarmVille 2 : Country Escape ` Arrive on Android & iOS

Remember the Farmville game that is quite popular in 2009 ? This farm simulation game combined with the social aspects that make it as one of the popular games on Facebook at the time.

To reclaim its past success , the video game producer Zynga game FarmVille has finally released a sequel to mobile devices with the launch of ' FarmVille 2 : Country Escape ' .

The game is available for iOS and Android -based devices , and can be downloaded through the app store Google Play and the App Store for free . But Zynga will charge for additional items that can help players through the game more quickly .
( Read: opera mini free download )

Page Thedroidguy launch, the game is intentionally made ​​in the form of mobile applications so that people can play it anytime and anywhere, not have to sit in front of a computer ( PC ) . Interestingly , gamers can also play this game offline .

Vice President of Zynga games , Jonathan Knight said , " pioneered FarmVille social game on the web . Platform mobile games developed after listening to feedback from players " .

Farmville is one of the most popular games made ​​by Zynga , is able to attract more than 400 million players worldwide since released game Farmville ( Farmville and Farmville 2 ) .

In recent years , Zynga 's financial condition is worse . Last year , the company only managed to pocket $ 873 million revenue , down from $ 1.3 billion last year . Over the past three years alone , Zynga has lost more than $ 600 million .

This is because the companies are too dependent on social gaming . Zynga has been trying for the past year to improve its position in the segment of mobile devices , one of them with the release of Farmville 2 .

Farmville 2 can be played on smartphones and tablets , and is available in 16 languages ​​. This game is claimed will be available soon on Amazon's tablet , but it is unclear when.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Obama Condolences to Victims of Ferry Sewol

Obama Condolences to Victims of Ferry Sewol
WASHINGTON - President of the United States ( U.S. ) Barack Obama plans to visit South Korea (ROK ) after the sinking of the ferry kpal , Sewol , During his visit , he will provide assistance as a form of condolences .

"The United States has a strong commitment to its ally , South Korea , in good conditions and bad moment , " Obama said , as reported by Fox News , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .
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This was stated during a press conference at the White House . According to reports , Obama's visit to South Korea planned for next week . U.S. Navy personnel will also be placed in the sunken ferry .

He also sent his condolences to the entire country of South Korea , in particular to the families of those killed .

Reportedly , the incident was the biggest case ever occurred during the last 20 years in South Korea . The ships are planning to travel to get to one of the southern resort island of Jeju in departing from Incheon .

The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 15, 2014 at 09:00 am local time . Currently the investigation is still underway to determine the cause of the sinking .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vice Regent South Lampung Admits Never Give Susi USD 100 Million

Vice Regent South Lampung , Eki Setyanto admitted to giving money amounting to Rp 100 million to advocate Susi Andayani tour . According to him , the money is given to cover operating expenses when accompanying Susi South Lampung disputed elections in the Constitutional Court .

" The requested Mr. Sugiarto . Remarks He ( Sugiarto ) for operational costs Mrs. Cruz , " said Eki Setyanto , while testifying in the trial of alleged election bribery dispute Lebak , Banten , with Susi defendant Andayani tour , at the Corruption Court on Thursday ( 17 / 4/2014 ) .

He said the money handed to Sugiarto at Redtop hotel which is then passed on to Susi tour . According to Eki , he knows Susi through Sugiarto , who was later appointed to deal with disputed elections in MK .

" I do not know what the team is not successful , but during the elections he ( Sugiarto ) are all set , " he said .

In addition to elections Lebak , Banten , Susi also mediates the delivery of money charged to Akil Mochtar South Lampung election related disputes in 2010 . Money amounting to Rp 500 million is derived from pairs of candidates elected who submitted the dispute to the Court , namely Rycko Menoza - Eki Setyanto .

Meanwhile , as regent Rycko Menoza South Lampung , has denied ever handing money to Susi handling of election disputes in the Constitutional Court ( MK ) . "Never , " said Rycko , while testifying at the same hearing , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

The rest , he said he did not remember whether or not giving money to Susie after the Court 's decision in the dispute . H

akim Chairman Gosen Butar Butar questioned Rycko recognition . " Which is true , do not remember or never ? " Gosen asked .

" That never at meetings with Sugiarto , I've never given anything , " he replied .

Rycko pleaded not deposit money because it believes the lawsuit filed by political opponents will be rejected MK . The reason , according to him , it was a victory won by a margin of up to percent .

Rycko explained , Susi was chosen to be a power law suit facing South Lampung election results in 2010 because it was experienced in the case of Lampung Sjachroedin Pilgub ZP .

" Mrs. Cruz used Sjachroedin , Lampung governor , to become a lawyer . Later , Mrs. Cruz finally fought win , " he said .

In addition , he considers Susi know many people in MA . According to him , Susi easily gain access to the Supreme Court because he was the legal background .
( Read: harga jual burung cucak ijo )

Susi threatened with Article 12, paragraph e No. 31/1999 on the Eradication of Corruption , as converted into Law No. 20/2001 .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ubud, the Global Artist Village

Area is not so wide , once just a small kingdom , surrounded by verdant rice fields , river water runs clear , beautiful village charm . However , " The Gods " predetermine as a place full of glory , save natural and supernatural forces have a " red thread " to the development of Hinduism in Bali .

Artist colony of Ubud Village is now upgraded to the status of Ubud in Gianyar regency . Ubud consists of 13 hamlets with a total area of ​​732 hectares, has a population of approximately eleven thousand inhabitants .

Ubud in development now becomes " the point of the world village " , where men of different races in different parts of the world meet , beauty and tradition merengguk sustainable society inherited from generation to generation .

Such conditions are now able to deliver the artist colony of Ubud in the top ten most favorite tourist destinations in the Asian version of the " Destinations TripAdvisor Travelers 's Choice " .

Rustic feel of Ubud is the ideal place to feel the Balinese massage and make it one of the best spa destinations in Asia . Ubud is also a center of art and culture , as well as many museums and galleries in the artist colony .

While the first ranked most favorite destinations in Asia is Beijing in China , followed by Hanoi ( Vietnam ) in the second position , and Siem Reap ( Cambodia ) in the third position chosen by millions of tourists users " TripAdvisor " from all over the world .

While the fourth Shanghai ( China ) , fifth Bangkok ( Thailand ) , the sixth Chiang Mai ( Thailand ) , Hong Kong seventh , eight Ubud in Bali ( Indonesia) , Ho Chi Minh City nine ( Vietnam ) , and ten Kathmandu ( Nepal ) .

Ubud area is widely known by the international community is a boon and a blessing that can give life and well-being of the local community . It is spoken founder and manager of Arma Museum Ubud , Anak Agung Rai .

Respected local figures and have foresight in advancing and preserving the art of cultural , natural and environmental realize actually how beautiful Ubud , compared to other locations in Bali a lot nicer . But travelers still choose Ubud as a place for recreation and vacation .

All that can not be separated from the diversity of arts and culture community inherited from generation to generation . Ritual life remains steady and solid , reflected in the unity and mutual cooperation , and bear a shared responsibility .

Ubud community that " lives " of the arts and culture that is aware of all the ease and " grace " in the fields of economics , welfare , safety , order and a sense of calm it is a " holy blessing " . Therefore , religious activities can not be separated in everyday life , in addition to the development of art and culture is carried out intensively by the artist colony of Ubud .

" Without the arts and culture activities , Ubud can be barren , unlike tourists visit now , " said Agung Rai who is now the museum collected 248 paintings .

Hundreds of paintings were arranged neatly in three main building units . Ranging from classic styles to display paintings of modern style as well as to explain the development of painting in Bali .

Guest beauty queen

Ubud artists who first combines elements of Eastern and Western art . They are able to offer a range of hues in the paintings , as well as add to the attraction of Bali in the international world .

Therefore , always gets a visit Ubud important guests from various countries around the world . Among them Sachiko Fujita , Japanese beauty queen in his holiday in Bali deliberately make themselves enjoy the natural charm of Ubud in 2006 .

With dozens of journalists from print and electronic media Sakura , body postures slender woman with a height of 180 centimeters that had visited the Puri Saren Ubud . Large family of Puri Saren Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati Ardhana specifically welcomed the arrival of important guests from the country of Japan.

Shutterstock Rice in Tegallantang , Ubud , Gianyar , Bali .

Sachiko on a day trip to Ubud looked stunned watching the natural charm around the hotel The Royal Pita Maha is located on the banks of the Ayung River gorge . The river water runs clear and sustainable environment still . Sachiko admitted , first-time visit to Bali was very impressed , so was very keen to visit in the future .

" Vibration is able to evoke the soul to love Bali as a safe and convenient , " said Sachiko .

Presence with dozens of reporters to see the condition of near Bali's tourism , especially after the artist colony of Ubud bombings October 12, 2002 and October 1, 2005 . Their visit to Bali is expected to give confidence to the international community , that Bali , particularly Ubud peaceful and comfortable as a destination tour .

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza addition , Miss Universe 2006 Poerto Rico native was also able to visit Bali . Both of these beautiful virgin compete in the Miss Universe 2006 pageant in Los Angeles , United States .

based tourism

Ubud area classified as rural according to him a very modern , yet its people still retain traditional values ​​and traditions . Ubud can even be used as a mirror to look at the relationship between modernization and tradition in Bali .

From the various studies carried out by various parties during the show modernity Ubud is the impact of the economic recovery and global cultural influences .

Most of the people of Ubud already " conversion " from an agricultural economy to a monetary economy , based on tourism , as well as pursue the craft sector and tertiary sectors related to tourism .
(see also: kicau burung kenari )

"People who have to send their children to get an education as possible , every day hanging out with white people coming from various countries around the world , " said Agung Rai .


Reason for Stocks slumped Lorena

JAKARTA - The transportation sector arrival of new companies , namely PT Eka Sari Lorena Transport Tbk ( LRNA ) who just listed his name on the Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) . Unlike other companies , the stock went down in early trading , even at the close of trading should go down Rp120 .

As is known , LRNA IPO price of Rp900 per share , but the close of trading today must fell 13.3 percent to Rp120 or Rp780 per share .

Equity Analyst PT Indonesian Securities Rating ( Valuation ) Guntur Tri Hariyanto said LRNA stock price decline caused by the price offered at the beginning of the issue price in the secondary market is much more expensive .
( Read: cara download youtube downloader )

" The price offered by the underwriters in the initial public offering much higher than the price in the secondary market . Market seen the price offered is significantly more expensive , but still good prospects for this sector , "he told Okezone , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Furthermore , Guntur see that the drop in stock prices due to higher costs . However, other factors such as company fundamentals and the company's brand influences.

" The sector outlook is still good , as we look at other transportation companies like TAXI , meaning that the brand also influence the market valuation . However, the sector itself has a lot of risk , which takes a lot of capital , and the return of his usual course , " he explained .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Selling Price-Buy Forex in BNI, BRI, Mandiri and BCA

JAKARTA - Dollar on the trade of non - delivery forward ( NDF ) rose 12 points to Rp11.425 per USD . This morning Rupiah move in the range of Rp11.420 - Rp11.432 per USD .

Following the rupiah in some big banks against some major currencies like the U.S. dollar ( USD ) , Singapore dollar ( SGD ) , and the Japanese yen ( JPY ) :

PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) at 9:03 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.333 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.497 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp8.975 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.224 Singapore .
Japanese Yen with the buying of Rp110 , 17 per yen , and selling rates for Rp114 , 04 per yen .
see alsovitamin burung mabung )

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BBRI ) at 9:03 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.375 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.465 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp9.061 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.198 Singapore .
Japanese Yen , the buying rate of Rp110 , 79 per yen , and selling rates for Rp114 , 68 per yen .

PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BBNI ) at 8:02 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.345 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.495 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp8.805 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.405 Singapore .
Japanese Yen , the buying rate of Rp109 , 25 per yen , and selling rates for Rp114 , 75 per yen .

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk ( BBCA ) at 7:23 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.400 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.450 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp9.091 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.141 Singapore .
Japanese Yen with the buying of Rp110 , 64 per yen , and selling rates of Rp113 , 64 per yen .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Evaluation of the National Health Insurance 100 Days

After 100 days of running the National Health Insurance system , the quality of service in the spotlight of various parties . Full perceived service quality must be improved so that people receive excellent service .

It was mentioned by a number of parties in the dialogue " Working on Fundamental Problems in the Era of Health Care Facilities of the National Health Insurance " organized by the Indonesian Hospital and Clinic Watch ( INHOTCH ) in Jakarta , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

Present in the dialogue Services Director Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) Fadjriadinur Health , National Social Security Board Chairman Ghazali Situmorang , Deputy Secretary General of the Indonesian Doctors Association III Widhi Prasetyo , as well as Head of Finance and the Ministry of Health Health Insurance Ronald Pardede .

Fadjriadinur delivered , distribution of participants enrolled at primary health care facilities are not evenly distributed . There is no health center or clinic that many participants , while power is only one doctor . There is also very little health clinic with participants . This will greatly affect the quality of services received by participants .

"Not to be opened as wide as possible access , but the quality of service decreases , " said Fadjriadinur .

Ideally , in a primary health care doctor serves 5,000 participants . However , for many reasons , there are doctors who serve more than 5,000 people .

The solution , says Fadjriadinur , the number of physicians in a location that participants are added or increase hours of service . It is strongly associated with the equalization of health personnel .

Prasad added that the National Health Insurance ( JKN ) , primary health care facilities receive capitation participants listed above . However , the money goes to the area because health centers are owned by local governments .

" It is unclear when the funds are returned to the health center and how to divide it , " said Prasad .


Likewise, general hospitals are government owned and not public service entity ( BLU ) . In the secondary health care facilities , according to Prasad , Indonesian fare Case - Based Groups ( CBG INA ) was also considered too low and there is a disparity in rates between hospitals . In fact , for certain treatment , such as endoscopic measures , ways , and means the same as that used in hospitals of different types .

Based on the record BPJS Health , by March 28, 2014 , the total number of participants BPJS Health 119.2 million from 121.6 million people targeted by 2014.
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The number of workers do not receive wages register as a participant BPJS Health has also increased from 80,000 a day for late January 2014 to around 150,000 people per day in the last four weeks .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

PPnBM for Mobile Rated It Makes Sense

Implementing government plans Luxury Goods Sales Tax on all cell phone ( mobile phone ) is considered not to have a clear underlying logic . The reason the government to apply for stimulating investment PPnBM local phone product is considered not unreasonable .

" Logically government how ? If phones are charged sales tax on luxury imports may still make sense . However if the phone is also subject to local sales tax on luxury , where there are investors willing berinvtasi in Indonesia ? , " Said Lee Kang Hyun Mobile Vice Chairman of the All-Indonesia Association during a press conference in Jakarta , Wednesday, April 10, 2014 .
(see also: Waptrick download film terbaru)

Besides , no one will invest , according to Lee if this PPnBM plan so applied , be sure Indonesia will flood the dark mobile phone . The numbers are even reach half of the official mobile phone available in Indonesia .

Currently the number of mobile phones available in Indonesia officially around 60 million units . If PPnBM be enforced , then about 50 percent of cell phones are sold in Indonesia are the black market . "That figure is based on estimates of data association , " said Lee .

If Indonesian mobile flood dark , the government will lose tax revenue of Rp 5 trillion per year . Based on data association , deals mobile phone industry in Indonesia could reach Rp 50 trillion per year .

Association also pessimistic if the government could control the entry of illegal mobile phones . Because in Indonesia, there are hundreds of ports in Indonesia, which can be used as a mobile entrance dark . " I thought , customs and excise would not be able to oversee everything , " said Lee .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Manila, congestion and squalor Nightmare

Manila , Nightmare Congestion and KekumuhanJoshua Mercado was waiting for a train at the end of a long snaking queue at Quezon Street Station Manila . The train waiting just one part of the story travels five hours daily .

" All I do is get up , go to work , come home , eat , and sleep , " said Mercado ( 24 ) .

Mercado admitted every day leaving at 4am to start their journey is using the motor , rail , and bus to his office in Makati , one of the business centers of Manila .

" It was rush hour commuters and transportation damage often really makes me depressed , " he said .

Commuting in Manila , Philippines , has become one of the victims that the state government ignored until decades duration . Today, President Benigno Aquino is trying to reverse the situation and upgrade the capital 's largest transportation since the 1990s .

Indeed , as the data presented by Bloomberg , the Asian population density increases. Urbanization is bringing 1,700 more people in a day , will be increased by one billion people to the cities in the continental region in the next quarter .

" If the government fails to address the infrastructure gap , this would be a uninhabited city , " said Gil Hong Kim , Director of the Asian Development Bank Sustainable Infrastructure , in an interview in Manila .

" Traffic congestion will be a nightmare . More and more people will move into the slums . 's Horrible and business opportunities will be lost , " said Kim .

The population soared

Based on the analysis of Belleville , Illinois-based Demographia , Manila population is predicted to increase to more than 30 million in 2025 , from the current figure of 22.7 million . Thus , Manila will be the third largest urban area in the world after Tokyo and Jakarta .

To cope with the growth of congestion and serve the soul , Aquino plans to spend at least 15 billion U.S. dollars to help Manila pursue its regional rivals , such as Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur .

Currently Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok have plans to add a rail line over 100 kilometers in length . Meanwhile , Jakarta continues to improve facilities and expand rail capacity Soekarno - Hatta International Airport as the third busiest airport in Asia .

Aquino , who will step down in 2016 , making the infrastructure as one of the main focus and goals of development . He plans to increase spending on public works up to 5 percent of GDP , as the World Bank's benchmark rate is needed to reduce poverty and strengthen the economy .

This is important , given the Asian Development Bank alone predict , that the cities in Asia will add an average of about 1.1 billion people between 2005 and 2030 , is no exception Manila . As with average economic growth of the Philippines is rising rapidly above 6 percent since 2010 , previously less than 4 percent in the two previous decades , people then flocked to the capital , home to more than a third of gross domestic product was concentrated .
(see also: lomba burung kenari)

Manila is a sea of ​​houses and slum area of ​​about 640 square kilometers ( 250 square miles ) of land sandwiched between Manila Bay and Laguna Lake to the west by the San Mateo Mountains to the east . In its center is a few skyscrapers that mark that it is the Makati financial district , where Bercokolnya HSBC Holdings Plc and Citigroup Inc. headquartered .


Monday, March 31, 2014

Huawei Gains Up 34%

BEIJING - Chinese telecommunications equipment company , Huawei , reported annual profit rose 34 percent . This increase marks the biggest profit growth over the past four years .

Huawei posted a net profit of $ 3, 38 billion in 2013 , up from USD15 , 6 billion in the previous year . These positive results thanks to strong business in China , which is developing a 4G mobile network technology . As reported by the BBC , Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) . (see also: waptrick)

China accounts for a third of total revenue. " Thanks to the macroeconomic environment and global industry profitable , as well as the effective implementation of corporate strategy , Huawei basically achieve the business targets for 2013 , " said Chief Executive Huawei , Eric Xu , in a statement .

The company estimates that revenue will grow 10 percent this year .

Meanwhile , the main concentration Huawei makes telecommunications network equipment , to benefit the growth of various sectors such as manufacturing smartphones . Company reveals quite a lot of smartphones shipped last year , making it the third-largest smartphone manufacturing world .

In addition , investment in China in the fourth generation technology also makes revenue stream for the company . This helped offset the weakness Huawei business in Europe , the United States ( U.S. ) and Australia , due to the security spotlight local regulators Huawei .
(see also: video clip download)

The U.S. government has long seen Huawei as a potential security threat and blocking some business transactions in the U.S. . Uncle Sam worried Huawei will open the door for Chinese military hackers . Party Huawei denied the allegations.

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Friday, March 14, 2014

About Cikukua Membramo

Brass's Friarbird
Philemon Brassi Rand, 1940

Cikukua Membramo © Dale A. Zimmerman
description  (see also: obat burung)
Small (22 cm), known only from a lagoon in S. Idenburg, northwestern Papua. The size and shape similar to Cikukua dwarf, but his lower body is much more pale, delicate white marked head and beak somewhat shorter. Whitish chin contrast with the black face.

Not yet available voice notes taken in Indonesia.

Distribution and Race
Recorded only in the downstream S. Idenburg, northwestern Papua, at a height of 50 m.

Place of Life and Habit
Inhabit areas that were flooded reed clumps and trees of secondary vegetation in Laguna S. Idenburg. In place of discovery, these birds are common and conspicuous. Somewhat noisier when perched on grass banks of the river and gathered in small groups.  (see also: vitamin burung)

IUCN Red List: Near Threatened (NT)
International trade: -
Protection: Law. 5/1990, PP. 7/1999


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Obama Against Wildlife Trade

Obama Against Wildlife Trade
Executive Order provide an important impetus in the fight against trafficking and contributes to species extinction , the criminal syndicates , instability , security threats and disease on a global scale .
(see also: pakan burung)

Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) praised the new initiative launched by U.S. President Barack Obama against wildlife trade , using executive authority to take action against the illegal trade . President of the Wildlife Trafficking Task Force will develop a national strategy for the next six months , which aims to combat illegal wildlife trade and poaching of endangered species .

The announcement comes with a much-needed infusion of resources both in terms of financial cooperation between the government and intended to suppress escalation scale hunting of endangered species . Based on the White House , the State Department will provide $ US10 million (£ GBP6.5 million ) for training and technical assistance to combat poaching in Africa . Three million dollars will go to South Africa , $ 3 million to $ 4 million in Kenya and elsewhere in sub- Saharan Africa .

Nav Dayanand , Managing Director of FFI in the United States said , " President Obama's announcement demonstrates the impact of wildlife trade is happening on our planet and its inhabitants , forcing many endangered species . The development of this task force escalation of the importance of combating wildlife crime related , put front and center on the world stage , demonstrating that the national interest is also a global impact . "

A statement issued by the White House said , " Poaching and illegal trade in protected species of wildlife products and derivatives and is part of an international crisis that continues to increase . Hunting operations have expanded beyond the small -scale , coordinated slaughter opportunistic actions assigned by armed and organized criminal syndicates . "

Species including elephants , rhinos , primates , tigers , sharks , tuna and turtles are being hunted in developing countries to sell to rich countries - a practice estimated by conservation organizations to submit up to $ US10 billion per year . As a result , wildlife trafficking has become a major illicit transnational activities aligned financially with drugs , weapons and human trafficking .

FFI forge effective partnerships with hundreds of organizations around the world . This collaboration has helped to reduce the threat of poaching for many species of wildlife , contributing to the conservation of critical habitats globally . For example , in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya , which has more than a hundred black and white rhino , effective enforcement and management of the park guards has resulted in poaching levels are close to zero in recent years .
(see also: pakan burung pleci)

FFI welcomes the involvement of the White House calling for a comprehensive approach to addressing this global crisis which involves restricting the supply of and demand for wildlife and wildlife products .


Monday, February 24, 2014

Finally Nokia Mobile Android Appears

Nokia finally officially reveals the presence of its first Android-based phone . No half-hearted , the Finnish company introduced three new handsets based on direct green robots at once .

( see also: lomba burung )

 The handset which is known by the code name of the Normandy manifest themselves in the event Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona , Spain with the name Nokia X , X + and XL . All three cell phone introduced by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop .

According to that reported by Cnet , Nokia third with code X label as a marker for cell phone operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean unique experience that combines typical Asha series phones and Windows Phone .

The uniqueness of the absence of Google PlayStore but the presence of the typical services such as Nokia Maps and Nokia MixRadio Here . Besides the typical Microsoft services such as Skype , Outlook and OneDrive also pinned on Android phones ' pocket-friendly ' this .

Nokia X targeting the middle segment with 4-inch screen resolution of 800x480 pixels and a dual - core Snapdragon processor clocking 1 GHz and a 3 -megapixel camera without flash . Given that only the internal memory capacity of 4 GB , it is not surprising that Nokia provides memory expansion slot up to 32 GB .

While Nokia X + comes with dual SIM capability to read . For other specifications and the color choice almost exactly with Nokia X.

( see also: lomba burung piala raja 2014 )

The second plan is the latest handset will be marketed from March 2 to 14 months . Nokia X reportedly will sell for 89 euros , or about USD 1.4 million and 99 Euros or USD 1.5 million for the Nokia X + .