Saturday, June 7, 2014

Public Talk and WhatsApp founder Numb

Brian Acton, one of the founders of WhatsApp, appeared on the show startx. Acton among others convey experiences and advice about setting up and managing corporate digital stub.

Startx is a non-profit program for accelerated startup in Silicon Valley. The program is affiliated with Stanford University, where Acton is one of the graduate Computer Science there.

Acton said, after he had an internship at Stanford in Apple. Then, which has been widely disclosed are times when he worked at Yahoo. There Acton met and became friends with Jan Koum.

Holiday ( Read: cara pengecoran aluminium )

Well, after Yahoo, what Acton? Acton said, he was off for two years.

He recommends it for those who want to transition from employee to entrepreneur. Obviously, Acton said, it does not need time off during which he did. "For most people, it may take 2-3 months for a holiday. Before you start again with a flurry (setting up their own business)," he said.

Surely he would recommend it to those who are relatively young. When that Acton was not married, so it is relatively easy to "leave". "For the young, use the opportunity. Having older, it gets more difficult," he said.

After the holidays, he proposed (and rejected) by Twitter and Facebook. Events that later became one of the interesting anecdotes when WhatsApp was bought by Facebook.

"I'm not bitter about (rejection) it. Moment I thought that I did not fit the available positions and takes on Facebook," he said.


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