Monday, March 31, 2014

Huawei Gains Up 34%

BEIJING - Chinese telecommunications equipment company , Huawei , reported annual profit rose 34 percent . This increase marks the biggest profit growth over the past four years .

Huawei posted a net profit of $ 3, 38 billion in 2013 , up from USD15 , 6 billion in the previous year . These positive results thanks to strong business in China , which is developing a 4G mobile network technology . As reported by the BBC , Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) . (see also: waptrick)

China accounts for a third of total revenue. " Thanks to the macroeconomic environment and global industry profitable , as well as the effective implementation of corporate strategy , Huawei basically achieve the business targets for 2013 , " said Chief Executive Huawei , Eric Xu , in a statement .

The company estimates that revenue will grow 10 percent this year .

Meanwhile , the main concentration Huawei makes telecommunications network equipment , to benefit the growth of various sectors such as manufacturing smartphones . Company reveals quite a lot of smartphones shipped last year , making it the third-largest smartphone manufacturing world .

In addition , investment in China in the fourth generation technology also makes revenue stream for the company . This helped offset the weakness Huawei business in Europe , the United States ( U.S. ) and Australia , due to the security spotlight local regulators Huawei .
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The U.S. government has long seen Huawei as a potential security threat and blocking some business transactions in the U.S. . Uncle Sam worried Huawei will open the door for Chinese military hackers . Party Huawei denied the allegations.

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Friday, March 14, 2014

About Cikukua Membramo

Brass's Friarbird
Philemon Brassi Rand, 1940

Cikukua Membramo © Dale A. Zimmerman
description  (see also: obat burung)
Small (22 cm), known only from a lagoon in S. Idenburg, northwestern Papua. The size and shape similar to Cikukua dwarf, but his lower body is much more pale, delicate white marked head and beak somewhat shorter. Whitish chin contrast with the black face.

Not yet available voice notes taken in Indonesia.

Distribution and Race
Recorded only in the downstream S. Idenburg, northwestern Papua, at a height of 50 m.

Place of Life and Habit
Inhabit areas that were flooded reed clumps and trees of secondary vegetation in Laguna S. Idenburg. In place of discovery, these birds are common and conspicuous. Somewhat noisier when perched on grass banks of the river and gathered in small groups.  (see also: vitamin burung)

IUCN Red List: Near Threatened (NT)
International trade: -
Protection: Law. 5/1990, PP. 7/1999


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Obama Against Wildlife Trade

Obama Against Wildlife Trade
Executive Order provide an important impetus in the fight against trafficking and contributes to species extinction , the criminal syndicates , instability , security threats and disease on a global scale .
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Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) praised the new initiative launched by U.S. President Barack Obama against wildlife trade , using executive authority to take action against the illegal trade . President of the Wildlife Trafficking Task Force will develop a national strategy for the next six months , which aims to combat illegal wildlife trade and poaching of endangered species .

The announcement comes with a much-needed infusion of resources both in terms of financial cooperation between the government and intended to suppress escalation scale hunting of endangered species . Based on the White House , the State Department will provide $ US10 million (£ GBP6.5 million ) for training and technical assistance to combat poaching in Africa . Three million dollars will go to South Africa , $ 3 million to $ 4 million in Kenya and elsewhere in sub- Saharan Africa .

Nav Dayanand , Managing Director of FFI in the United States said , " President Obama's announcement demonstrates the impact of wildlife trade is happening on our planet and its inhabitants , forcing many endangered species . The development of this task force escalation of the importance of combating wildlife crime related , put front and center on the world stage , demonstrating that the national interest is also a global impact . "

A statement issued by the White House said , " Poaching and illegal trade in protected species of wildlife products and derivatives and is part of an international crisis that continues to increase . Hunting operations have expanded beyond the small -scale , coordinated slaughter opportunistic actions assigned by armed and organized criminal syndicates . "

Species including elephants , rhinos , primates , tigers , sharks , tuna and turtles are being hunted in developing countries to sell to rich countries - a practice estimated by conservation organizations to submit up to $ US10 billion per year . As a result , wildlife trafficking has become a major illicit transnational activities aligned financially with drugs , weapons and human trafficking .

FFI forge effective partnerships with hundreds of organizations around the world . This collaboration has helped to reduce the threat of poaching for many species of wildlife , contributing to the conservation of critical habitats globally . For example , in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya , which has more than a hundred black and white rhino , effective enforcement and management of the park guards has resulted in poaching levels are close to zero in recent years .
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FFI welcomes the involvement of the White House calling for a comprehensive approach to addressing this global crisis which involves restricting the supply of and demand for wildlife and wildlife products .