Monday, March 31, 2014

Huawei Gains Up 34%

BEIJING - Chinese telecommunications equipment company , Huawei , reported annual profit rose 34 percent . This increase marks the biggest profit growth over the past four years .

Huawei posted a net profit of $ 3, 38 billion in 2013 , up from USD15 , 6 billion in the previous year . These positive results thanks to strong business in China , which is developing a 4G mobile network technology . As reported by the BBC , Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) . (see also: waptrick)

China accounts for a third of total revenue. " Thanks to the macroeconomic environment and global industry profitable , as well as the effective implementation of corporate strategy , Huawei basically achieve the business targets for 2013 , " said Chief Executive Huawei , Eric Xu , in a statement .

The company estimates that revenue will grow 10 percent this year .

Meanwhile , the main concentration Huawei makes telecommunications network equipment , to benefit the growth of various sectors such as manufacturing smartphones . Company reveals quite a lot of smartphones shipped last year , making it the third-largest smartphone manufacturing world .

In addition , investment in China in the fourth generation technology also makes revenue stream for the company . This helped offset the weakness Huawei business in Europe , the United States ( U.S. ) and Australia , due to the security spotlight local regulators Huawei .
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The U.S. government has long seen Huawei as a potential security threat and blocking some business transactions in the U.S. . Uncle Sam worried Huawei will open the door for Chinese military hackers . Party Huawei denied the allegations.

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