Thursday, March 6, 2014

Obama Against Wildlife Trade

Obama Against Wildlife Trade
Executive Order provide an important impetus in the fight against trafficking and contributes to species extinction , the criminal syndicates , instability , security threats and disease on a global scale .
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Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) praised the new initiative launched by U.S. President Barack Obama against wildlife trade , using executive authority to take action against the illegal trade . President of the Wildlife Trafficking Task Force will develop a national strategy for the next six months , which aims to combat illegal wildlife trade and poaching of endangered species .

The announcement comes with a much-needed infusion of resources both in terms of financial cooperation between the government and intended to suppress escalation scale hunting of endangered species . Based on the White House , the State Department will provide $ US10 million (£ GBP6.5 million ) for training and technical assistance to combat poaching in Africa . Three million dollars will go to South Africa , $ 3 million to $ 4 million in Kenya and elsewhere in sub- Saharan Africa .

Nav Dayanand , Managing Director of FFI in the United States said , " President Obama's announcement demonstrates the impact of wildlife trade is happening on our planet and its inhabitants , forcing many endangered species . The development of this task force escalation of the importance of combating wildlife crime related , put front and center on the world stage , demonstrating that the national interest is also a global impact . "

A statement issued by the White House said , " Poaching and illegal trade in protected species of wildlife products and derivatives and is part of an international crisis that continues to increase . Hunting operations have expanded beyond the small -scale , coordinated slaughter opportunistic actions assigned by armed and organized criminal syndicates . "

Species including elephants , rhinos , primates , tigers , sharks , tuna and turtles are being hunted in developing countries to sell to rich countries - a practice estimated by conservation organizations to submit up to $ US10 billion per year . As a result , wildlife trafficking has become a major illicit transnational activities aligned financially with drugs , weapons and human trafficking .

FFI forge effective partnerships with hundreds of organizations around the world . This collaboration has helped to reduce the threat of poaching for many species of wildlife , contributing to the conservation of critical habitats globally . For example , in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya , which has more than a hundred black and white rhino , effective enforcement and management of the park guards has resulted in poaching levels are close to zero in recent years .
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FFI welcomes the involvement of the White House calling for a comprehensive approach to addressing this global crisis which involves restricting the supply of and demand for wildlife and wildlife products .


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