Sunday, May 25, 2014

Workshop Las-Cat Duco Use Friendship Road Agency

Word of welding workshop and paint duco on the edge of Friendship Road East . Rawamangun , Pulogadung Sub-district , East Jakarta , mushrooming . This condition other than making a chaotic region , is also disturbing residents across the region .

Monitoring City News , Saturday ( 17/5 ) . word of the seller welding services and duco paint on Friendship Road East reached the road . It should be used for the park area was now a car repair business premises .

The workers seemed lined along Friendship Road East body right. They simply use the compressor in each stall . Some chairs are provided to sit while waiting for the owner of the vehicle repair process .

Agency wide roads they use about two to three meters . Supposedly , the road is a park .
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Mardi ( 33 ) . one word of worker welding and paint duco admitted that he has 17 years of work in the region .

Her work is apparently already hereditary , inherited from his father who was also a welder duco paint . " Open the welding business of word and paint duco here all this time safe , nobody forbids , " said Mardi , told City News .

The distance is close

Not just in the Friendship Road East , Pulogadung , along Jalan Kramat Raya , Senen , Central Jakarta , also crowded knock the welding shop and paint duco .

If the driver crosses the road , will surely see the boards on display at the curb marked " Received Cat Duco Las Ketok " and there are workers who can waved customers .

Observations City News , Friday ( 16/5 ) , along the road lined tens express the painter . The distance between the artisan of word and paint duco which is close enough to each other , just a few feet away .

Workers weld and paint duco word of the Faculty of Medicine, University of lined ranging Indonesia ( Faculty of medicine ) , up towards Kwitang .

Most of the workers there were sitting on plastic chairs , some are screaming and trying menstop every car that runs slow . They hope the car driver Butch prospective customers that the vehicle body paint services . " Duco paint and welding ketoknya Pak , secured neat , " shouted one of the car body painter .

Although sometimes difficult to get customers , they call the driver looks remains persistent four-wheeled vehicles that crossed the road .

shaded community

Mardi ( 33 ) , one word of worker welding and paint duco on Friendship Road East , East Jakarta , claimed shaded a welding business association called the Society of the Joint Las Ketok and Duco Paint ( PBLKCD ) debfab members about 40 people .

According Mardi , whole word of business licensing and welding have . Done and until now party -
it can still work .

" Last December , still had the clerk of the city Parks Department would fence in this location . Fact where I 've placed backfill soil . , But do not know , why now not so , " said the father of this child .

In fact , a few years ago , once the compressor in lapaknya , when law enforcement officers transported . He hopes his business was closed . The reason , is a loss for another job .

" Here also it did not interfere with the flow of vehicles . Us on edge . Closed rust If you like eating nyari how again , " said the graduate of this school . ( suf )

often disciplined

Regarding the existence of word and businesses welding shop duko paint on Friendship Road East , Village Rawamangun , Pulogadung sub-district , the East Jakarta Sub-dept claimed to have done some demolition .

However , though it was frequently raided , but the workers are welding and paint duco is back in operation . In fact , local residents actually support the re- convening of the shanties in the palm .

" Two years ago we also never Fence , but they were back in operation . They do not support the government program , " said Head of East Jakarta , Suzi Marsitawati when contacted City News . Saturday ( 17/5 ) .

Nevertheless, Suzi said , he would not sign rnenyerah quickly raised his hand . Instead Suzi will continue to instruct his men to continue to right the situation at that location . In fact , Suzi has been coordinated with the East Jakarta Mayor about it .

" We will do more socialization to residents , to concern for the environment . Fact that they had violated the rules by abusing the park . Fact , if the flood they always blame the Government . Fact , they are abusing the catchment area , " he said .

The plan , this year , Friendship Road East region will be disciplined out of existence entrepreneurs word- weld and paint duko . Friendship is not only in the East alone . Several other locations which is an area of ​​green belt is misused ladi East Jakarta , will be disciplined .


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