Friday, May 2, 2014

This is the U.S. Animal Expert Observations about KBS

World-class wildlife experts from the United States has conducted research at the Surabaya Zoo (KBS), East Java (East Java), Friday (2/5).

Wildlife experts from the United States (U.S.), amounting to three people that meet the mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rsimaharini, to report the results of his research.
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The purpose of their arrival to report the preliminary results of their three-day observation at KBS. The three of them met directly by the mayor.

An important point the observation of wildlife experts from the country of Uncle Sam was the need for the restoration of the cage and the addition of food for animals.

In response, Risma said that could be done first is to add a kind of food like animals.

While the restoration of the cage, according Risma, still constrained by the rules of the center.

"Because conservation permit still has not gone down, so we can not do anything about it,'' he said. '' However, for additional types of food for animals can be done first.''


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