Friday, May 23, 2014

Police: Still No 55 Emon Not Reporting Child Victims

Sukabumi City Police Chief , Chief Hari Santoso suspect there are still U.S. 55 victims of sexual violence are not reported aka Emon .

" From the results of matching the child's name written in her diary Emon with the child's name plus a description of the suspect reported there are 65 names that match , so the rest is still there 55 children who allegedly have not been reported to us , " said Day , Friday ( 23/5 ) .

According to him , there are 120 names of children listed in the diary Emon , but reporting to date has reached 108 people . But of the 108 names of the children who reported only 65 children names that match what Emon written in the diary , and therefore it appealed to parents who suspect their children fall victim to immediately report Emon .
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Furthermore , to find the name of the child who had not reported it was difficult because there is only in name but no address , other than that of the suspect description was Emon does not know the full address and already forgotten . Therefore , it was decided not to develop this case , however, if there are people that report it would continue to process it and hope all the victims can report suspected pedophiles .

" For the moment the investigation case file Emon phase I has been delegated to the State Attorney Sukabumi and information prosecutors have started to learn our investigative files and the case is expected to be immediately brought to trial , " he added .

Day said it also snare suspects with the coated article Article 82 of Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection in conjunction with Article 64 of the Code of Criminal of repeated acts punishable by imprisonment up to 15 years in prison . In fact , it was also agreed Emon more heavily punished , if the judge gives a heavier sentence than the threat of punishment dijeratkan to Emon .


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