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Pedophiles Around Us

Disclosure of pedophilia cases , mid- April, at the Jakarta International School , South Jakarta , showed lengahnya protection for the nation . Although pedophilia is not new , and often occurs in Indonesia , the country always forget to clean . Consequently , pedophiles continues to take its toll .

The prevalence of pedophilia impaired people in Europe and the United States reached 1-3 percent of the entire population , " said the Head of Clinical Psychology Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University of Atma Jaya Dinastuti Indonesia , in Jakarta , Friday ( 25/4 ) . Assuming the same prevalence and population of 250 million , there are 2.5-7.5 million pedophiles in Indonesia .
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American Psychiatric Association ( APA , 2000) defines pedophilia as a sexual interest that is settled , strong , and repeated the pre- pubertal children , aged less than 13 years . Intense interest came in the form of at least six months of the mind , fantasy , impulse , passion , or sexual activity .

If interest was not channeled , they will be stressed , depressed , and experiencing interpersonal difficulties that make it difficult to socialize and control emotions .

Consultant Psychiatrist at Dr Soetomo Hospital - Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University Nalini Muhdi added , pedophiles at least 16 years old and the age difference with the victim at least 5 years .

Characteristic of pedophiles is if the victim is forced or not able to make decisions due to immature age . " Adolescents who engage in sexual activity on the basis of mutual love is not called pedophilia , " he said .

Child sexual targeted as a pedophile would be anxious , fearful , less confident , and not comfortable interacting or sexual activity with adults . Children were selected because they are usually weak , helpless , submissive , and easily persuaded or threatened .

Disorders pedophilia began to be detected when a person teenager . However , its manifestations can arise when they are adults , even the elderly . Depending on the trigger factor .

Although attracted to children , the majority of pedophiles are also sexually attracted to adults ( pedophiles non - exclusive ) . Most pedophiles are men , but women can also be pedophiles . Behavioral manifestations of diverse female pedophiles , pedophiles can be in the form of helping men to persecute sexual assault victim to get sexual satisfaction .

Luh Ketut Suryani and Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana in Pedophiles Destroyer Future of Children (2009 ) calls pedophiles target range from children who mature physically ( teleiofilia ) , children younger than 5 years ( infantofilia ) , or children in early puberty ( hebofilia / hebefilia ) .


Pedophilia can be triggered by many things . Childhood , sexual attraction can arise and manifest while playing . That is normal . However , if the child lived as meaningful and repeatable experience to adolescence , the disorder of pedophilia could arise because the child can not move his interest to adults .

" Parents and caregivers play a major role directing and explains that the game was not excessive and is not repeated , " said Dinastuti .

Perpetrators of sexual violence against children , including pedophiles , tend to have experienced sexual abuse during childhood . However , the trend did not apply all . Not causal .

Experience sexual violence in childhood that can occur when adults or the elderly to seek the child to perform sexual activity . The trigger , write Syriac and Lesmana , could be due to the suffering or humiliation of a spouse or a failure to exercise their functions in society , work , or family .

Pedophilia can also be triggered by abnormalities in the brain that appear neurodevelopmental disorders and brain mechanisms . Brain abnormalities can be caused by brain disorders in children from the womb , head injury , or brain tumors . However , the disorder can not always be checked .

Dinastuti said pedophiles typically cautious in the move . Therefore , universal , child sexual urge is forbidden and taboo . Internet so effective tool to search for information , pictures , or videos of potential victims.

Once a target is acquired , they patiently establish relations of friendship , lots of praise , and reward . Once the confidence of victims to perpetrators woke up , the child will be asked to perpetrators of sexual activity in stages , ranging from touching , undressing , until the actual sexual activity , such as oral sex , anal , or vaginal .

Perpetrators commonly seek potential victims in the home environment where the child or move because of the ease to search for victims and lack of supervision . They could no start at home , school , street , until the religious community .

According to Nalini , pedophiles is a psychiatric term , not the law . Pedophiles can not be punished if they do not harm others . Therefore , pedophiles should be treated so that the disorder can be treated and restored . Thus , when the sexual urge arises , can be controlled or channeled in a positive way that does not harm others .

To ensure someone is having pedophilia , said Dinastuti , they need to undergo a comprehensive psychological examination first . Could not immediately be accused pedophiles .

If it is confirmed pedophiles , added Nalini , the cause should be ascertained first . Trigger biological factors , such as neurological disorders , hormonal , or chromosomes , must be completed. " When there is no biological factors , new psychotherapy , " he said .

The success of the therapy prescribed many things . The younger pedophiles when treated , the higher the success rate . Experiences of sexual violence in childhood would complicate therapy . The motivation for the change is also important pedophiles .

" Social support of parents and the environment plays a major role , " he said . Therefore , parents need not be embarrassed to report perpetrators of sexual violence over children . Courage that can facilitate treatment and break the chain of child sexual abuse to the child .

The state also needs more care , can not continue to ignore the sexual abuse of children as the heinous crimes against humanity and ruin the child's future . Countries should not blame the victim , but rather facilitates the victims and their families not to report violence experienced shame and give them treatment .


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