Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Israeli Bulldozers Destroy Mosque in West Bank

Israeli bulldozers destroyed a mosque and three houses in the city of Nablus , West Bank , on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

" This morning , eighteen military jeeps and two bulldozers stormed the Israeli settlements in Kherbt Al Taweel , Nablus .

They claimed this area as a closed military zone , " said one of the officials of the Palestinian Authority , Ghassan Daghlas , the Anadolu Agency .
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Chairman of the Village Council Kherbt Al Taweel , Jawdat Bani Jabr said Israeli bulldozers have destroyed three Palestinian homes and the only mosque that area .

Zinois officials argued that demolished all the buildings do not have permission .

" Israel has long sought to control this village because of its strategic location , overlooking the Jordan Valley , " said Jawdat as quoted by the World Bulletin , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Israel has built nearly 21 Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley which they consider to be the economic and security buffer zone .

Zionist government wants to keep the area under their control in a future peace deal with the Palestinians .


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