Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today's sighting Partial Solar Eclipse

Sightings partial solar eclipse will take place on 29 April 2014 . Sciencealert reported on Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) , the partial solar eclipse in Australia appear at 4 pm local time .

The partial solar eclipse partial solar display form , which is covered by the Moon . This phenomenon occurs when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth .

Astronomer Tanya Hill from the Melbourne Planetarium revealed on the ABC Science website , though you prepare yourself to witness the eclipse , but you probably will not see much change in daylight conditions .
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" It really did not seem up to the final moment of a total solar eclipse ( when the sun is covered ) , this eclipse made ​​the sky became dark conditions , " said Hill .

The eclipse will be visible across Australia . The best sightings can be seen in southern Australia . At the peak of this moment , two-thirds of the sun will be covered by the Moon , particularly in Hobart , Australia .

Reportedly , this partial solar eclipse solar eclipse could bring a ring ( annular ) . Hill further said , the most appropriate area to see the solar eclipse ring is in the Antarctic region .

In the annular eclipse phenomenon is , approximately 99 percent of the sun will be covered by the Moon , creating the appearance resembles a ring . To watch a solar eclipse , it is recommended to use a pinhole camera ( pinhole camera ) or filters are available in observatory and science center .


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