Thursday, April 10, 2014

PPnBM for Mobile Rated It Makes Sense

Implementing government plans Luxury Goods Sales Tax on all cell phone ( mobile phone ) is considered not to have a clear underlying logic . The reason the government to apply for stimulating investment PPnBM local phone product is considered not unreasonable .

" Logically government how ? If phones are charged sales tax on luxury imports may still make sense . However if the phone is also subject to local sales tax on luxury , where there are investors willing berinvtasi in Indonesia ? , " Said Lee Kang Hyun Mobile Vice Chairman of the All-Indonesia Association during a press conference in Jakarta , Wednesday, April 10, 2014 .
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Besides , no one will invest , according to Lee if this PPnBM plan so applied , be sure Indonesia will flood the dark mobile phone . The numbers are even reach half of the official mobile phone available in Indonesia .

Currently the number of mobile phones available in Indonesia officially around 60 million units . If PPnBM be enforced , then about 50 percent of cell phones are sold in Indonesia are the black market . "That figure is based on estimates of data association , " said Lee .

If Indonesian mobile flood dark , the government will lose tax revenue of Rp 5 trillion per year . Based on data association , deals mobile phone industry in Indonesia could reach Rp 50 trillion per year .

Association also pessimistic if the government could control the entry of illegal mobile phones . Because in Indonesia, there are hundreds of ports in Indonesia, which can be used as a mobile entrance dark . " I thought , customs and excise would not be able to oversee everything , " said Lee .


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