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Ubud, the Global Artist Village

Area is not so wide , once just a small kingdom , surrounded by verdant rice fields , river water runs clear , beautiful village charm . However , " The Gods " predetermine as a place full of glory , save natural and supernatural forces have a " red thread " to the development of Hinduism in Bali .

Artist colony of Ubud Village is now upgraded to the status of Ubud in Gianyar regency . Ubud consists of 13 hamlets with a total area of ​​732 hectares, has a population of approximately eleven thousand inhabitants .

Ubud in development now becomes " the point of the world village " , where men of different races in different parts of the world meet , beauty and tradition merengguk sustainable society inherited from generation to generation .

Such conditions are now able to deliver the artist colony of Ubud in the top ten most favorite tourist destinations in the Asian version of the " Destinations TripAdvisor Travelers 's Choice " .

Rustic feel of Ubud is the ideal place to feel the Balinese massage and make it one of the best spa destinations in Asia . Ubud is also a center of art and culture , as well as many museums and galleries in the artist colony .

While the first ranked most favorite destinations in Asia is Beijing in China , followed by Hanoi ( Vietnam ) in the second position , and Siem Reap ( Cambodia ) in the third position chosen by millions of tourists users " TripAdvisor " from all over the world .

While the fourth Shanghai ( China ) , fifth Bangkok ( Thailand ) , the sixth Chiang Mai ( Thailand ) , Hong Kong seventh , eight Ubud in Bali ( Indonesia) , Ho Chi Minh City nine ( Vietnam ) , and ten Kathmandu ( Nepal ) .

Ubud area is widely known by the international community is a boon and a blessing that can give life and well-being of the local community . It is spoken founder and manager of Arma Museum Ubud , Anak Agung Rai .

Respected local figures and have foresight in advancing and preserving the art of cultural , natural and environmental realize actually how beautiful Ubud , compared to other locations in Bali a lot nicer . But travelers still choose Ubud as a place for recreation and vacation .

All that can not be separated from the diversity of arts and culture community inherited from generation to generation . Ritual life remains steady and solid , reflected in the unity and mutual cooperation , and bear a shared responsibility .

Ubud community that " lives " of the arts and culture that is aware of all the ease and " grace " in the fields of economics , welfare , safety , order and a sense of calm it is a " holy blessing " . Therefore , religious activities can not be separated in everyday life , in addition to the development of art and culture is carried out intensively by the artist colony of Ubud .

" Without the arts and culture activities , Ubud can be barren , unlike tourists visit now , " said Agung Rai who is now the museum collected 248 paintings .

Hundreds of paintings were arranged neatly in three main building units . Ranging from classic styles to display paintings of modern style as well as to explain the development of painting in Bali .

Guest beauty queen

Ubud artists who first combines elements of Eastern and Western art . They are able to offer a range of hues in the paintings , as well as add to the attraction of Bali in the international world .

Therefore , always gets a visit Ubud important guests from various countries around the world . Among them Sachiko Fujita , Japanese beauty queen in his holiday in Bali deliberately make themselves enjoy the natural charm of Ubud in 2006 .

With dozens of journalists from print and electronic media Sakura , body postures slender woman with a height of 180 centimeters that had visited the Puri Saren Ubud . Large family of Puri Saren Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati Ardhana specifically welcomed the arrival of important guests from the country of Japan.

Shutterstock Rice in Tegallantang , Ubud , Gianyar , Bali .

Sachiko on a day trip to Ubud looked stunned watching the natural charm around the hotel The Royal Pita Maha is located on the banks of the Ayung River gorge . The river water runs clear and sustainable environment still . Sachiko admitted , first-time visit to Bali was very impressed , so was very keen to visit in the future .

" Vibration is able to evoke the soul to love Bali as a safe and convenient , " said Sachiko .

Presence with dozens of reporters to see the condition of near Bali's tourism , especially after the artist colony of Ubud bombings October 12, 2002 and October 1, 2005 . Their visit to Bali is expected to give confidence to the international community , that Bali , particularly Ubud peaceful and comfortable as a destination tour .

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza addition , Miss Universe 2006 Poerto Rico native was also able to visit Bali . Both of these beautiful virgin compete in the Miss Universe 2006 pageant in Los Angeles , United States .

based tourism

Ubud area classified as rural according to him a very modern , yet its people still retain traditional values ​​and traditions . Ubud can even be used as a mirror to look at the relationship between modernization and tradition in Bali .

From the various studies carried out by various parties during the show modernity Ubud is the impact of the economic recovery and global cultural influences .

Most of the people of Ubud already " conversion " from an agricultural economy to a monetary economy , based on tourism , as well as pursue the craft sector and tertiary sectors related to tourism .
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"People who have to send their children to get an education as possible , every day hanging out with white people coming from various countries around the world , " said Agung Rai .


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